WARNING: Google's Farmer Update Is Clamping Down On Spun Articles Even At 30% uniqueness And Penalizing Your Backlinks!

Super Article Spinner Elimates The Problem By Introducing Shuffling To Produce 100% Uniqueness! Watch The Video Below...

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I normally HATE writing long sales letters but for this one...

You deserve an explanation and I'm going to spill the beans right here, so bear with me as this will help you a lot in your business!

There's a very structured approach to always get a 100% uniqueness when you are writing and spinning content.

Combined with this small piece of technology, duplicate content will NEVER be an issue if you follow the instructions that I'll be providing you on this page.

First lets take a look at why you're probably struggling with article marketing at the moment.


The Key Is MASS Variation & MASS Distribution

Article marketing is more than just writing an article and hoping to get it ranked in the search engines. You need to choose your keyword(s) wisely, generate fresh content (or at least unique content) and submit that to as many places as possible using your keyword as the anchor text.

Sounds pretty much straight-forward right?... Well in theory it makes sense but in the real world there simply is not enough time in the day to produce 100s of unqiue articles, nor is there time to submit them all.

This is where Super Article Spinner steps in.

You see, apart from trading in the I.M. niche, I also own many niche content sites (close to 200 sites) which are making me a decent income from adsense and affiliate marketing every month.

So, as you probably know to handle content sites like these, you need to spend a lot of money on writers to get them to write fresh and unique articles every time...

Whether it's for my own sites or to build backlinks by submitting these spin content to other places.

Added to this with the new Google Farmer Update, Google is hitting HARD on those duplicate content sites. So, if you were used to spin content at 30-50% uniqueness, it's still NOT enough. Sooner or later, google will track down those articles and your backlinks won't count.

You're Still Leaving Obvious Footprints Behind

With The Traditional Method Of Article Spinning!

Let's face it, the traditional way of spinning content has MANY flaws. Whether you use the best spinning software on the market or not, there will always be footprints to track down all your spun articles if ever you are going to use them to build backlinks.

These footprints can be in your site URL, the structure of the article, or the fact that you're using the same idea behind each spun paragraph. And let's face it, the search engines are getting smarter and smarter. If YOU can easily notice the similarities, why would google not able to do so?

But listen... I've the solution to all these problems...

So What's The Solution? Watch this...

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The Shuffling Technique Explained...

What is this all about? The idea is VERY simple...

Instead of writing articles the traditional way, we build up a database of tips based on the niche topic. The beauty of using the "tips approach" is that each tip can stand alone and there's no need for a continuous flow in the article, yet the article will still be of very high quality.

Once the database of tips is built, you get the writers to spin the content the traditional way.

Now, here's the little twist that I'm adding...

Once the content is spun, we add this to a module in the software, which is called The Shuffler and guess what...

All the tips are shuffled in random order to create unique content all the time.

The advanced module inside the shuffler allows you to group together many paragraphs to build a SUPER ARTICLE which has been spun at an EXTREMELY high level - as in 90-100% uniqueness only achieved with Super Article Spinner™. This was demonstrated in the video above.


'Shuffling' + 'Spinning' = Super Article!


If you apply my strategy, you WON'T need to continuously spend a lot of money on writers in the long run. You WON'T have to worry about duplicate content all the time when you are going to submit these super articles to build backlinks.

Do you see how a SIMPLE idea solve all these frustrations?

We are not re-inventing the wheel... we are just adding a little twist to those things that we are already doing to make it even more effective. So let's get to what exactly you'll be receiving when you get this product today!

Here's Exactly What You're Getting...

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Powerful Key Features Not To Miss!

Full Shuffling Control

Shuffling paragraphs of tips is a key feature of Super Article Spinner™. The shuffler gives you full control of how many articles to create and the number of paragrahs to include per article. Great for producing articles for the content network for manual or outsourced submission.

Title Randomization

Choose where to source your titles from or to grab titles from a pre-defined list. Keeping the title unique for each spun article leaves a smaller footprint maximizing your back-linking power.

Advance Shuffling And Grouping

Advance shuffler lets you choose the number of tips to include per paragraph and the number of paragraphs per article. This advance feature adds another level of randomization to your articles allowing you to produce 100% unique content.

Full Article Spinning

Super Article Spinner lets you take your shuffled and non-shuffled articles and use a large database of synonyms and phrases to spin your content even further. Simply copy and paste your article and click the lighbulb icon to instantly create a spinnable article in standard spintax format.

1-Click Spinning

Need a spun article fast for one-off content submission? Click the circle of arrows icon and a new window pops up with your spun article. Click it again to produce variation. Creating unique articles has never been easier.

Mass Article Spinning

Want more than 1 spun article? Not a problem! With our mass spinning feature you'll be able to generate 100s of spun articles on demand. Click the red arrow multi-spin icon and simply choose where you want to save your articles along with the number of articles to generate. You can then use these articles to submit to article directories, social networks, blogs and much more!

Advance Synonyms Database

Adding more variations and words to your articles couldn't be easier! Simply press the tab button over a selected word and let Super Article Spinner get to work to find you suitable words and phrases to make your content even more unique.

Full Spellcheck Control

Poorly written articles have grammitcal errors and spelling mistakes. With the in-built spellcheck you'll be able to type and let the spellchecker make corrections as you go alone. Spellcheck options gives you full control over what to correct. No need to type your articles in Word first!

Article To Blog Submitter

Simply enter your blog URL and password and click the submit button. Article Submitter will go to work and post your spinnable article to your niche blogs without you having to do it manually! Save time, opening several windows and streamline your marketing efforts.

Full Blog Post Customization

Customize exactly how you want your blog post to appear without having to log into your admin panel. Add excerpts in advance, tags and ping your posts automatically for high search engine rankings. Everything is available in one interface.

Advance Scheduling Feature

Article Submitter gives you maximum control over what content to publish and when to publish it. This is a great way to simulate 'human' edited blogs and gives the search engines fresh content on a steady basis. Use this to ensure your website stays at the top of the search engine results!

Check The Honest Reviews From Reputable Marketers!

"A very unique approach to getting my blog content unique"

This is a very unique approach to getting my blog content unique. I picked this up and have watched the some of the videos. I must admit they are well done and informative.

Thanks for all the work you did to explain everything for us!


"I have just created a totally unique article in ten minutes or less"

Big, big thanks for this powerful package. It contains all the things I need for article marketing. I have just created a totally unique article in ten minutes or less.

I think, with this tool I can get the maximum from article marketing and create great content with ease for my websites.

By the way, "using tips for articles" method is really good and make the article creation more easier and effective.

Big thanks! And keep up the great work!

imi82 from warrior forum

"It made the content UP TO 96% UNIQUE"


It made the content UP TO 96% UNIQUE. CS PASSED! And wait all the articles were human readable.

Thanks to the mastermind!

entri3 from warrior forum


Super Article Spinner™ Is Your All-In-One Article Marketing Software

Instant Article Shuffler - This is the CORE software that will help you achieve maximum randomness and uniqueness in your content.

Instant Article Spinner - This tool helps you achieve even more uniqueness with spun paragraphs, words and sentences.

Instant Article Submitter -This tool helps you to populate your wordpress blogs by mass uploading articles with just a few clicks.

There are other softwares on the market that just spin content. There are other softwares on the market that just submit your content. Super Article Spinner™ does both of these including the new shuffling technique to save the competition goodbye!

No need to buy seperate software for individual tasks and there's no need to pay a recurring monthly/yearly fee for using a spinning service.

Super Article Spinner™ does it all and elimates the duplicate content issue once and for all! Be sure to grab your copy in advance before this software becomes TOO popular!

Your success and confidence in this software is a priority. This is why you can rest assured as well that you'll receive nearly an hours worth of training so you'll know exactly what to do with each software module!

As for the price, I'm going to make this a real no brainer! I promised to over-deliver and that's what I'll do...

You get all the THREE components of Super Article Spinner software at an insanely LOW price of $37 ONLY!

That one-time low fee gives you the ability to...

Churn out quality unique articles with just a few clicks

Achieve 90-100% uniqueness not even Google can spot!

Make every one of your article backlinks count when it's needed!

Spend less time re-writing and shuffling the articles yourself!

Build 100s of backlinks for your choosen keywords without looking like farm/spam content

Allows you to out-rank your competitors for major keywords

Generate more exposure, traffic, leads and sales as a result!


How much is that really worth to you? Is it worth making an investment today so you can start ranking higher up in the search engines to increase your affiliate commissions?... Is it worth making an investment today so you can start selling more copies of your existing product simply because you rank higher up in the search engines for a given keyword?... Is it worth making an investment today knowing that you can capture fresh targeted daily leads that you can promote to again and again?... It certainly is.

At the end of the day, this product is designed to help you make more money by pushing your site to the top of the search engine results using a new approach to article spinning. And if it does not deliver or help you make money in any way, shape or form, then you're entitled to a full and prompt 60-day refund. No questions asked.


Duplicate Content Need Not Be A Problem!
Secure Your Copy NOW!

...And Start Generating 100s Of Backlinks From 90-100% Spun Articles That Search Engines Love!

So what are you waiting for?... You don't have to sit on the fence! Instant access means you'll get to download and use this product straight away after checkout. It's a genuine product and you'll be pleased with it.

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Order Now For Only $77 $37!


"very easy to use yet so powerful"

Your software came in the nick of time, I was wondering what to do when the Google Farmer thing hit us but you saved the day.

Yes, I like the tool, very easy to use yet so powerful.

Jetsenze from warrior forum


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